Monday, July 18, 2011

Google+ Needs to Grow Up Quickly

On Twitter today I posted a few things griping about this Google+ thing. Since Google+ thinks it is the center of the universe I am not able to send those tweets to Google+ however if I posed to Google+ originally then I could send the post to Twitter and Facebook only if I download an app and install it into Chrome and only if I use Chrome as my browser of choice when doing said posting.

The problem here is Google+ is trying to become the core of everything while still being the new kid on the block that lacks a ton of integration features.

Right now I use TweetDeck to send posts to both Twitter and Facebook. TweetDeck said recently they had no plans to add support for Google+ meaning I'm now posting the same thing multiple places. Google has even created dissention within its own ranks as Buzz doesn't link to it and neither does Blogger. As a result I'm also manually posting this to my blog as a blog post.

Seems to me that Google has released a product that in many ways is cool and has some features superior to Twitter and Facebook but that is also lacking the ability to play nice with them. It is the immature child on the block that needs to grow up quickly and learn to get along with others or risk not being included with the rest of the gang and spending a lot of time playing by itself.