Saturday, July 16, 2011

Everyone’s an Expert

A few weeks ago, the Casey Anthony trial ended with a not guilty verdict and immediately the internet and social media services went crazy with armchair pundits commenting as though they knew more than the jury did.  What makes this more interesting is a few days after the verdict I headed to Florida for the final Space Shuttle launch and down there the locals all had an opinion.

While we may all have an opinion, we are not all experts.  We may have watched the trial on TV but that doesn’t make us an expert.  We don’t know exactly everything the jury knew or what evidence they were allowed or not allowed to consider.  I don’t agree with how the defending counsel handled the situation with the media but I certain understand why they responded how they did.

It also fascinated me how worked up some people were about this and how many believed justice had been thwarted that day.  Maybe I’m crazy but I just don’t care that much about it.  Besides, someday everything, the right and the wrong, will all be judged by a much higher power than a Florida court or millions of couch potatoes.  There are more important things in this life.