Friday, August 15, 2014

4 Birthdays, 1 Day, 90 Years

Today our family celebrates 4 birthdays covering the past 90 years. Try to follow along:

First, my grandmother, Freida Gilliland, (mom’s mom) turns 90 today.

Second, my grandfather, Bob Smith, (dad’s dad) turns 85 today.

Third, my mom, Lana Smith, turns 60 today.

Fourth, my daughter, Becca Smith, turns 7 today.

From my perspective, my daughter, mom, grandpa, and grandma all share the same birthday

From my daughter’s perspective, she shares her birthday with her grandma, great grandma, and great grandpa.

Celebrating all these birthdays usually involves some sort of meal together and at least one of them getting some presents. And yes, we are aware that they are all multiples of 5 apart except for Becca. We did the best we could.

This date is also noteworthy because here in Indiana it is the start of squirrel hunting season.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Keeping up with the Smiths

TV networks are always on the prowl for the next reality series and it would appear that by popular demand my life would qualify. I tend to shy away from the public and distrust people in general so it seems I’d get along fine with the reality TV types.

The past few days have proven to me that there is great demand and tremendous intrigue into my life and where I live. This week alone I’ve had to fight the traffic of gawkers just to get to my own driveway. Earlier this week I followed a car full of old folks from the entrance of our subdivision clear back to my house. I of course pulled into the driveway and then the garage once they finished turning around as I live here and they were just gazing eyes wide open in awe. In awe of what is a bit of a mystery to me.

Today I again followed someone all the way to my driveway where I waited in the street while they turned around in my driveway. What do they see that I’m missing?

Then an hour or so later we left to go to dinner and as I backed out of my driveway, I again had to wait for another vehicle that had driven in front of my house and was also trying to turn around having gotten an eye full. Eye full of what?

Tonight things really heated up though. I was sweeping the sand and dirt out of my garage from last winter. I figured now that July has warmed up to the lower 80’s it was safe to clean out last year’s polar vortex. As I’m carrying a bucket full of sand to the woods, I heard a loud, high-pitched buzz. I looked up and directly overhead was a drone. That’s right, a flying drone with flashing lights and all. It was one of those four blade helicopter types. I’d guess it was at least 100’ up.

It hovered in place directly over the house for about five minutes before flying off to the west. I watched it go for a while and then it stopped again off in the distance for about two minutes before flying due north and out of site. So far, no images of me with my broom and bucket have appeared on Google but I’m going to keep my eye out for them.

So look out Kardashians, beware Real Housewives of Somewhereville, it’s the Smiths of Lafayette the masses crave. I just wish I knew why.