Friday, July 19, 2013

An Unlucky Day

Yesterday started out to be a lucky day and then went south fast. I started by having a bowl of Lucky Charms and a cup of coffee. Before heading to the office, and out of respect for my co-workers, I stopped to brush my teeth before leaving the house.

Whilst brushing my cell phone started going crazy getting text messages. I tried ignoring it but my phone kept going off. Thinking it might be important, texts rarely are, I turned to silence the menace. As I turned, I caught the corner of a hand mirror and quickly sent it to the floor. Gravity doing its thing the mirror hit the floor and shattered into the obligatory million pieces.

My 7 years of bad luck began instantly. First, the incoming text messages weren’t from anyone important. Second, while I was clearing out the massive text message thread someone even less important called my cell phone adding to the annoying menace. Third, I wasn’t going to be home until well after the family got home so I needed to stop and clean up the shattered glass and silver flakes. Fourth, when my wife went to get me a replacement mirror the only color Meijer had was bright purple.

Why do I need a hand mirror? I use it to watch the hair thinning on the back of my head.

The moral of the story? Don’t brush your teeth.