Friday, August 15, 2014

4 Birthdays, 1 Day, 90 Years

Today our family celebrates 4 birthdays covering the past 90 years. Try to follow along:

First, my grandmother, Freida Gilliland, (mom’s mom) turns 90 today.

Second, my grandfather, Bob Smith, (dad’s dad) turns 85 today.

Third, my mom, Lana Smith, turns 60 today.

Fourth, my daughter, Becca Smith, turns 7 today.

From my perspective, my daughter, mom, grandpa, and grandma all share the same birthday

From my daughter’s perspective, she shares her birthday with her grandma, great grandma, and great grandpa.

Celebrating all these birthdays usually involves some sort of meal together and at least one of them getting some presents. And yes, we are aware that they are all multiples of 5 apart except for Becca. We did the best we could.

This date is also noteworthy because here in Indiana it is the start of squirrel hunting season.