Monday, July 25, 2011

Equipment for Sale

Faith Ministries is selling some of our sound equipment we no longer need through a series of upgrades.  Here is a list of the equipment complete with details and our asking price as well as contact information.  All equipment is available for inspection at Faith Ministries in Lafayette, IN.

For more information and any questions please contact:

Jonathan Smith
Director of Technology
Faith Ministries
5526 St. Rd. 26 E.
Lafayette, IN 47905
765-448-1986 x158
765-448-2985 fax

Allen & Heath ML 4000 Series Mixing Console

48+2 channel console complete with 2 redundant power supplies, talk back mic, and light kit.

Asking price: $8,000.00

This console was purchased and installed at Faith Baptist Church in 2003 and has only been used in this fixed venue.  It is in great shape and has recently been cleaned.  In 2008 the console was serviced and several LED lights were replaced.  In addition the Direct Outs on each channel were switched from post fade to pre fade.

Console has a few LED lights that are out but easily replaced.  There are also 2 channels on the board that are not working however since we replaced the console we haven’t done additional troubleshooting to see if the channels are bad or there were other connection issues outside of the board.

Due to the size and weight of this console (approx. 400 pounds) we are unable to provide shipping or delivery.

ML4000 Key Features
The Allen & Heath ML4000 is a large format VCA equipped dual function live sound console providing many of the features of its larger brother the ML5000. It can be quickly configured for front-of-house (FOH) or stage monitor mixing. As one console suitable for both applications it is equally well suited to installation, rental and touring. It offers an IO capability and feature set that satisfies the latest trends in live sound engineering, in particular the growing number of inputs and outputs for multi-speaker house and monitor systems, demands of stereo in-ear monitoring, 3 speaker LCR imaging, advanced grouping and automation. The design ensures on-the-road durability, a clear layout for easy walk up and go operation, and no-compromise audio performance.

Inputs and Outputs
• 48+2 (mono + dual stereo channels)
• 48 mono mic/line inputs with inserts and direct outputs
• 2 dual stereo line inputs standard
• Main Left, Right and Centre outputs with inserts, Centre configurable as the engineers monitor
• 8 Groups, 12 Auxes: Group/Aux 1-8 and Aux 9-12 with faders and inserts, Aux 1-8 with rotaries
• 11x4 Matrix
• 2-Track monitor input and recording send
• Stereo headphones and local monitors
• Talkback mic input
• ClearCom compatible intercom interface

Groups and Automation
• 8 VCA groups with mutes and PAFL monitoring
• 8 audio groups with LCRplus™ sub grouping
• 8 mute groups
• MIDI accessible snapshot memories
• MIDI mute on/off, snapshot recall and dump in/out control
• Channels can be made safe from the automation

Processing and Control
• 4-Band full sweep mono EQ with switched Q mids, 4-band fixed frequency stereo EQ
• Sweepable high pass filter
• LCRplus™ 3 speaker imaging system
• Protected mode switching to configure the console for FOH or monitor application
• Intelligent PAFL system with all-clear, PFL/in-place AFL, priority, auto-cancel/add mode…
• Assignable talkback and intercom
• 1kHz tone and pink noise generator for system line-up and testing
• Full console monitoring and extensive metering of inputs, mix busses and outputs

Download Manual and Specs Here

PreSonus ACP88 8-channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate

Asking Price: $675 per unit

We have 3 of these units.  1 was purchased and installed at Faith Baptist Church in 2008 and the other 2 in 2009.  They have only been used in this fixed venue. 

These units can be shipped and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Classic Dynamics Control

One of our all-time most popular products, the ACP88 delivers the classic analog compression that helped establish PreSonus as a leading signal-processor manufacturer. With eight independent, full-featured compressor/limiters and gates, the ACP88 can solve a host of thorny studio and live-sound problems.

Each channel provides a fully variable compressor with a sidechain send and return to enable spectral processing and ducking. In addition to the usual attack, release, ratio, threshold, and makeup gain controls, each compressor offers selectable soft- or hard-knee compression and an Auto Attack feature that overrides the manual controls and applies preset attack and release curves. A six-segment LED meter displays the amount of gain reduction.

The compressor/limiter is followed by a full-featured gate with attack, release, and threshold controls; a gate-range switch, which determines the amount of level reduction that occurs when the gate closes; and a sidechain/key insert loop that enables the gate to be opened, or keyed, in response to a modified version of the program signal or some other external source.

Professional Features

With eight dynamics processors in one unit, you can employ tricks that aren’t possible with lesser processors. The Channel Link feature lets you lock together as many channels as you wish, so that all processors follow the setting of the master processor. Since you can create multiple simultaneous link groups, you could link a stereo pair of channels plus a group of four processors and still have two unlinked channels for other applications.

Each channel can be independently bypassed so you can audition signals with and without processing. And since the ACP88 is designed to work smoothly with a variety of professional and semipro gear, you can select +4 dBu or -10 dBV operating levels independently for each channel.

Old Skool Rules

Some people say they don’t make signal processors the way they used to. Nonsense. The ACP88 is a superb old-skool processor, with physical knobs and switches for every parameter, shoehorned into two rackspaces, and it delivers a pure analog sound that will always be in style.

Download Manual and Specs Here