Thursday, September 13, 2012

TSA Pre is Awesome - Live from the Sky

So this is my first blog post from 37,718 feet flying over the Grand Canyon.  I hope the altitude makes it much more enjoyable for you to read.

This morning I got to use my TSA Pre credentials for the first time at the Indy airport and from my perspective it is totally worth the effort to have. 

The TSA Pre line is at the Concourse A checkpoint. There was no one in the line and all I had to do was let them scan my boarding pass and that verified I was part of the program. No additional ID was needed aside from my drivers license. 

I was the only one one in line and I put my 2 bags on the conveyor and walked through the metal detector with my shoes on. I got through the checkpoint in 20 seconds. 

There were 3 folks who came through after me and they all sailed through just as fast. While some argue that the program is an invasion of privacy I contend that it really isn't. I only provided the TSA information they already had and then proved to them who I was in a personal interview. 

TSA Pre was deployed to more cities just last month making it much more useful and at $100 for 5 years it is well worth it considering the convenience it provides. 

If your on the fence about enrolling in TSA Pre I suggest you do it if you fly at least 6 times or more per year and carry a lot of tech gear.  The only hassle is going to a Custom and Border Protection Office for your interview and finger printing. 

I look forward to using it again on Sunday.