Thursday, September 13, 2012

Someone’s Taking My Spot

My wife has oft compared me to one Sheldon Cooper.  One of our apparent similarities is that I have a spot, a parking spot that is, and don’t feel the world is right if my car isn’t in it.

We don’t have assigned parking spots at work or anything but I’ve been parking in the same spot since 2001 and over the past 11 years, no one has consistently parked where I do.  I think the main reason is because I park away from the doors.  Being of able body, I believe the spots close to the building and doors should be available for others and not for young men like me.  As such, I park a bit out of the way by a landscape island in the parking lot.  If nothing else, the extra walking is good exercise.

Recently though someone has been parking in my spot requiring me to park elsewhere and ending an 11-year run.  My spot is so familiar with my car, yes, I’ve had the same car the entire time, that there are indentations in the asphalt where my front wheels rest as a result of them resting there so often.

Now trust me, I understand how trivial this is but this isn’t the first time my spot has been taken from me.  My original spot, also out of the way and next to an island, was taken away when a building was built, again, bringing a non-issue into my life.

While I could respond by parking where others on our staff routinely park, I’ve just decided to attempt to create wheel indentions in another unused spot.  (I could put my car in neutral in my old spot and it would just roll into place, as if it was more at home there than it is in my garage at home.)  Hopefully I’ll have enough time to create those indentions before someone else starts parking there. 

There is one bright spot here in my pettiness.  My old spot faced south so my dashboard was cooked with the sun.  My new spot faces north meaning my back window is now cooked with the sun.  Maybe the front and back of my car will balance out over the next 11 years.

So there you have it, proof that I am more like one Sheldon Cooper than I care to admit.  I now return you to things that are far more important.