Sunday, July 1, 2012

It Shouldn't Be This Difficult

I’ve decided I’m through with paying for HootSuite. While the concept is great and while they have great iOS apps, the lack of functionality is killing me. I post frequently and to multiple accounts and need software that allows me to do that quickly and easily. I find I’m spending too much time trying to get HootSuite to work and not letting it work for me.

As such, I’m back on the market. I’ve posted other things here about why I initially chose HootSuite over TweetDeck but the time has come for me to start again. Here are my issues:
  • In HootSuite, I have large gaps in my streams and lists so whenever I open the desktop program I have to manually refresh each list otherwise I will have several hours worth of gaps where tweets are not appearing.
  • HootSuite also has issues with posting to Facebook. They like to blame Facebook and I don’t really care who is to blame all I know is I can post 100% of the time from TweetDeck to Facebook but with HootSuite after 1 or 2 it stops and fails each time thus wasting my time. 
You may ask why I don’t just go back to TweetDeck, and that’s valid. On my desktop, I have gone back to using TweetDeck as it works 100% of the time. The challenge is TweetDeck does not have very good apps for iOS, which leaves me stuck and the actual desktop app is no longer supported. The new web app is ok but limited.

If such an app exists, that is the best for desktop and the best for iOS then I’d love to check it out. Please let me know what you are using. Here is what I want:
  1. Posts to both Twitter and Facebook reliably without any limiting or throttling that prevents frequent posting.
  2. Allows me to choose my image service, I prefer TwitPic but I want to be able to make that choice and not be forced into one like HootSuite does.
  3. Ability to natively post pictures to my Facebook wall and Twitter via TwitPic at the same time. HootSuite forces you to use their service sand only posts links to Facebook. The last version of TweetDeck for iPhone allows you to use TwitPic but only posts links to Facebook. The previous version was perfect, it would post a picture to Twitter as a link from TwitPic and then post the picture to your Facebook wall, it was perfect but it is no longer support and TwitPic no longer works with it.
  4. Ability to schedule tweets and Facebook posts.
  5. Fast. 
Its 2012 – this shouldn’t be that difficult.