Friday, July 6, 2012

And Another Island Forms...and Then Bites the Dust

Taking a page from Google+ it would appear that LinkedIn has decided to become an island, and not just an island, a forced departure point for all other social media communications. Think of it as an airport with no lounge and only a single flight to a single destination.  You can no longer connect your LinkedIn account to Twitter and have your tweets automatically appear on LinkedIn thus increasing your audience, which I thought was one of the goals of this site. Instead you have to use LinkedIn as your starting board and send any tweets from LinkedIn to Twitter and then of course you have to return to Twitter to manage those conversations.

LinkedIn says this is as a result of some changes Twitter made but I doubt that. So once again another social media player is not playing nice with everyone else in the sandbox. Now my LinkedIn audience if they want to continue to follow me, which I don't know why they would, will need to join the ranks for Twitter or Facebook as those posts will no longer appear there unless I use a software program that allows me to post to all 3 at once. In addition LinkedIn only works with Twitter and not with Facebook and of course not with Google+ as nothing works with them.

More fragmentation, that's what we all need. As I say to my friends on Google+, I hope to see you sometime soon off this desolate island.