Friday, September 13, 2013

Window 8 - Nineteenth Pass: Windows 8.1 Fiasco

Why is it that Microsoft can’t seem to get even the simplest of things right with Windows 8?  First, as I’ve mentioned a few times, they really goofed up Windows 8.  Second, they decide to release Windows 8.1 and capitulate a few things by bringing back the Start Button and allowing you to boot directly to the desktop.  Third, they announce Windows 8.1 is done but won’t let the usual folks have it early, you know, developers and folks like me – you know, like they’ve done with every other OS release in their history.  Fourth, they decide to capitulate on that too and now are going to release all flavors of Windows 8.1 (except RT) to developers and IT Pros before the end of the month.

It remains to be seen if Windows 8.1 will solve any of the issues Windows 8 created.  This whole RTM fiasco certainly isn’t going to help adoption rates and get folks moving away from XP and 7.  It seems as though Microsoft is determined to take the hard road each and every time.  You’d think they’d get tired of going to the school of hard knocks on oh so many issues but each time they announce something they later change and do what everyone hoped they would do in the first place.

Rumor is that later this month they are going to announce the Surface 2.  I wonder how much of that announcement will have to be re-announced once they alienate yet another section of their customer base.  I love my Surface Pro, if the Surface Pro 2 has more power then I may upgrade but with their recent record of accomplishment I’m guessing the Surface Pro 2 will be bigger, heavier, slower, come loaded with Windows 3.1, be on back order for 8-10 weeks, have a 1 hour battery life, and be totally text based with the GUI replaced by a batch file menu system.