Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Morning with my Wife, a Random old Lady, and my Haircut

Today was one of those days in my life that I’m certain my biographers will struggle with in the future.  It all started yesterday when my wife and I were discussing my pending haircut.  As you know if you pay too close of attention to my life, I get my haircut every 2 weeks.  Heather wanted me to get something different done as she thought my hair was thinning too much on the top and was starting to look like a comb over.

I asked her what she wanted me to have done so I could tell the lady who cuts my hair.  To me a haircut is more function over fashion but I wanted to do my best to please my wife.  As Heather explained what she wanted, I started to get that deer-in-the-headlights look in my eyes and Heather opted to come with me instead of relying on me to get it right.  She knows me too well.

Before my haircut this morning, I had to record a few radio commercials.  Back in the mid-1990’s I worked for a group of radio stations in Lafayette, IN.  While we were dating sometimes, Heather would come in to the studios and bring me dinner and such.  Every once in a while I still voice some commercials so this morning we stopped by.  It was fun to take a stroll down memory lane with my wife.  She was able to see how the station has changed over the past decade and we were able to remember all the spots where we used to smooch during long songs and commercial breaks.  Maybe someday I'll posts some of my old demo reels.

After the recording session (I did it in 1 take thank you very much) we headed off to get my haircut.  I knew things were going to be different when we walked in to balloons and birthday cake.  One of the ladies who cuts hair was celebrating her birthday.  I sat down in the chair and Heather started to explain how she wanted my hair cut in order to try to cover my thinning top. 

As she started to cut my hair the older lady in the chair next to me, let’s call her Louise, was checking out how much hair I did or did not have.  Everyone, Louise, Heather, and the lady that cuts my hair agreed that my hair was thinning and it was getting harder and harder to hide.  At first I thought Louise was out to support my wife’s goal of getting my haircut to hide the balding but then she came over and started running her fingers through my thinning hair.  I called out, “Heather, there is a strange lady running her hands through my hair!”  By the time it was over everyone there had touched my head as if I was some sort of good luck charm.  Everyone was laughing, I can only assume at me and not with me.

Then the other lady who cuts hair their came over to indeed confirm that my hair was thinning.  Again, being a function over fashion kinda guy I told Heather we should just buzz it all nice and short – something my wife has not been in favor of.  This is when Louise changed teams and started helping me out.  She walked over to Heather and said, “Honey, grow up.  There’s nothing up there and getting it cut shorter will be better.  Just deal with it.”  This was the final push Heather needed.  She finally agreed that my hair should be cut shorter so Heather, Louise, and the lady that actually cuts my hair agreed on the current length in a goal to not create a comb over but also to not totally buzz my head, as accordingly to Heather, my scalp is ugly.

So the next time you see me, please note that while my hair is shorter and more to my liking it was not totally my choice, but rather my new best friend, Louise.