Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hummingbirds and Tweets

Every once in a while a hummingbird flies into your garage and you don’t know what to do about it. Ever been there? Tonight I was there. My wife got home and left the garage door up for me. When I pulled in there was a hummingbird flying around between the lights.

Unfortunately, the bird would not fly down lower and out the doors as he was hugging the ceiling. I tried using a broom and even a wide shovel to guide the bird down but I was not able to get them over the bird as it just kept flying up against the ceiling.

So I turned to a solid source of knowledge, the Twittersphere and asked the tweeps what one does when one has a hummingbird in the garage. The first suggestion was to set a large red bowl full of sugar water on the floor of the garage near the door. An hour later, the bird was still in the garage.

The second suggestion was to close all the doors, turn off all the lights, and leave the bird in the dark for about 20 minutes. Then I opened the doors and hoped the bird would fly towards the light. At first I didn’t think it worked as I didn’t see the bird fly out but after about 5 minutes of the door being opened and me not watching from the driveway the bird fled.

So if it hadn’t been for Twitter the hummingbird might still be in my garage. What problem will I encounter next that Twitter is able to solve? Stay tuned.